Saint Gobain Innovation Centre, London 

Wednesday March 25, 2015, 6pm to 8p

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Dear men,

What is it that makes it easy to listen to one woman and difficult with another?

Do you ever feel really heard by a woman who is listening to you? If so, why is that so? How do you feel it? How does it make you feel towards her as an individual or towards women as a whole?

What do you think you could usefully learn from women? Or what would you like to learn from women?


These tantalising topics are the subject of our next MENS TINDERBOX. We’re interested in finding out why women don’t feel heard – which of course may be down to how they communicate rather than men not listening. We’re interested in bringing men and women together in such a way that gender-based differences in communication might actually add to everyone’s understanding, regardless of gender.  But first, over to you… with only Judith and Lucia from Women on Fire present as women. Thank you for reading this far (it counts as listening). If you like the sound of this, bring friends too.

PLEASE NOTE This session will be recorded, not videoed. Relevant parts of the recording will be played at the Listening event for women and men (please come to that too). When you speak at the MENS TINDERBOX meeting you can choose anonymity or introduce yourself.


Women on Fire

Women on Fire